Juno Jensen
Artist, Composer & Producer


© Sara Angelica Spilling

© Sara Angelica Spilling

Juno Jensen (1987) is an artist, composer & producer known for her distinct, dark and cinematic combination of acoustic and electronic sounds, releasing music under the alias of Pieces of Juno, and working in a genre she herself identifies as Northern Noir. After years of producing electronic instrumental music and DJing the underground club scene in Oslo, she gradually found back to her roots as a singer-songwriter, creating an album tetralogy based on the various stages of self-knowledge and the layerings of the mind; Kalopsia, Tacenda, Metanoia (2019) & Euthymia (in writing).

Her music has been used in American TV-show “Power” as well as the Norwegian success series “SKAM”, and in 2018 she debuted as a film composer with the short-film “SHE-PACK” a multi-award winning film.

Jensen is also the co-founder and creator of Oslo’s vibrant KOSO collective, an artist-run, female-driven collective, record label and club night aiming to connect and strengthen femme creatives.